To The Editor:

I find it necessary to respond to the editorials in the Dec. 7 edition of The Missourian. It should be remembered by anyone researching the history of World War II that the bulk of the writings and media reporting will be from the perspective of the winner. After all, the winner gets to report what he wants the public to believe and suppress that in which he wants to cover up. This has been true throughout the centuries. Might even be described as “fake news.”

Take Hitler for example. An examination of the speeches and actions of Hitler from 1933 through 1940 show that he made as many as nine pleas for peace between nations with most receiving no response from any nation, including France, England and the United States. Beginning May 17, 1933, six years before the beginning of WWII, Hitler proposed to disband Germany’s entire military and destroy all arms if her neighboring countries would do the same. The response from neighboring countries was a continual pile up of explosives and increases in the number of troops.

Dec. 18, 1933, he made another six-point plea for peace and unity between nations. No nation responded and instead France, England and Russia continued to increase their armed forces. Other offers were extended May 21, 1935, March 31, 1936, Sept. 30, 1938, Dec. 6, 1938, Aug. 25, 1939, and Oct. 6, 1939, a month after Britain and France had declared war on Germany. Finally, on July 19, 1940, following the fall of France, Hitler again offered unconditional peace to Britain with no response.

For a thorough documentation of these speeches, as well as the Nuremberg Trials, the criminal actions of Winston Churchill and the desire that FDR had to go to war with Germany, I would invite everyone to read the book by Dr. Friedrich Stieve titled “What the World Rejected: Hitler’s Peace Offers 1933-1940.” You may not like what you read, but keep in mind that WWII cost the lives of millions of people. This was a bad war that never needed to occur and while Hitler has suffered all the blame, perhaps there is more to the story.

Regarding the war with Japan, evidence will show that FDR wanted to avoid this war in favor of war with Germany. The problem resulted when Dean Acheson went against FDR’s wishes and refused to sell fuel to Japan because of Japan’s war with China. This forced Japan to go to the Dutch East Indies for fuel, but this created a problem for the U.S. getting supplies of rubber, tin and other products from that area, as well as exports from Australia. Had this not occurred there is little doubt that Pearl Harbor would never have happened. A spellbinding book by James Bradley titled “The China Mirage, The Hidden History of American Disaster in Asia” documents covert actions of some of our politicians that resulted in war with Japan.

Do I think Hitler or the emperor of Japan are free from guilt? Absolutely not, but there is more than enough blame to go around on all parties. The end of World War II brought on Communism, a cold war that lasted a half-century and wars in Korea and Vietnam that took the lives of over 100,000 U.S. servicemen and countless millions of innocent people. These wars did not need to occur. The blind teaching of inaccurate facts that has brainwashed the American public will likely have us continuing with perpetual war for the rest of this century, or more. That is unless we opt for World War III that could wipe out millions and millions of people. I hesitate to use the term billions but . . .

A final touch to the story is when Churchill eventually recognized the great error of Britain and the United States in siding with the Soviet Union against Germany. In a speech long after the war, he said, “We slaughtered the wrong pig.”