To The Editor:

When I read in The Missourian that Todd Geisert is accused of posting something racist, I was shocked and curious to see what it contained.

Although I don’t know him, I worked with his wife and witnessed how hard-working and honorable she and his children are. I doubted (the accusation).

I was shocked again when I realized his cowardly customers are bending to PC pressure because the accusation is false.

Anyone who’s put up square bales knows how exhausting it is. Even if they had a desire for it, farmers or anyone else who works that hard don’t have energy for criminal activity.

It was common when we older folks were young, but few now have memories of bucking bales. I do and I bless whoever invented round balers. It is hard to find kids who would consider doing it now. Geisert’s meme is timely during hay-making time, which is now, in really hot weather.

The real disgrace is using the claim of “honoring” a murdered man as an excuse for anarchy.

There’s no argument that George Floyd was murdered.

Peaceful protest is legal and respected. Looting and violence are not, for any reason.

How many people have been killed during the George Floyd riots? How does that make sense?

What could have been a chance for uniting has been used for division, the ultimate goal. Does anyone anymore remember the phrase, united we stand, divided we fall?

The photo of blacks looting/rioting could easily be replaced by the mostly white Antifa (they claim it means anti-facist but which is facist). The left is skilled at false misleading labels. For example, there is nothing progressive about “progressive” policies unless progress toward communism is the goal.

I don’t speak for the Geiserts but gave my opinion. His meme is spot on, (un) common sense, an attempt at humor.

Where go one, we go all. God bless America.

We will get through this.