To The Editor:

I read Rosalie M. Laume’s letter in The Missourian and couldn’t agree more about the importance of passing constitutional Amendment 2 on Aug. 4 concerning Medicaid expansion for the more than 230,000 poorest in Missouri. Missouri is only one of a handful of other red states yet to pass Medicaid expansion.

Medicaid expansion to help the poorest was a part of the Affordable Care Act of 2012.

Since its passage, our Republican-controlled Legislature and governors, including Gov. Mike Parson, have been against expanding Medicaid for Missouri’s most poor.

Why? Because the Republicans didn’t want to support any programs by a Black Democrat president.

For eight years, Medicaid aid for Missouri has been given to other states. We lost almost $16 billion in federal funding because of politics. Also, the state has lost 19 rural hospitals for lack of funds.

Over 70 percent of Missourians support the passage of Amendment 2. Proponents raised 350,000 signatures to bypass our Legislature and Gov. Mike Parson to bring this issue to all the people.

It is supported by church groups, doctors, nurses, hospitals and this newspaper.

Let’s show our Republican Legislature and Gov. Mike Parson that it is not their political view that counts, but the will of Missouri citizens. Please vote yes on Tuesday, Aug. 4.