To The Editor:

The short answer to this question is: From time to time, yes.

First may I make a disclaimer: I am not a scientist in the weather-related sciences; I have only a degree in mathematics. But I read a lot what NASA, NOAA, SRI science journal, SRI Acts and Facts and many other scientific-oriented organizations publish. Why am I writing this article? There is a stampede by many so-called media experts and many scientists — including the UN — that the Earth is about to be devastated by the “man-made” climate change and we must change our way of doing things to avert that “calamity.” I just had to say something on what is really going on. It is claimed by polling that three-fourths of the American public believes in this scenario.

First, let us look at some of the facts which are known through scientific observations:

The sun is 1.3 million times larger than the Earth and when it changes its temperatures so will the Earth change its. It is well known that there are different amounts of sunspots on the sun and they do affect our temps. The last I read is that these sunspots occur approximately every 11 years.

NASA reports that the temperatures on Earth increased from 1979 to 1998 by 0.36 degree F. The temps however decreased from 1998 to today by 1.08 degrees F. Since 2000 the average temperatures of the oceans has fluctuated by 1 degree F.

In the last few years it was determined that in the Arctic a large hole in the ice was seen twice the size of Alaska. However, that hole has once again disappeared. We were also told by governmental agencies that Antarctica was losing large portions of its ice sheets but last year it was reported that all that disappeared ice has come back.

The forecasts for global warming are based mostly on computer modeling and not on temperatures measured. Most ground-based temperatures are taken near large population centers.

Secondly, I would relate some points not so much based on scientific observation but reported by many different organizations.

Claude Allegre, supposedly the founder of the global warming scare, admitted in a publication that the “the cause of climate change is unknown.”

Some 30,000 scientists have proclaimed that global warming is happening and that it is mainly based on human activities. The majority of those scientists are not even climatologists but have degrees in biology, geology, psychology, etc., you get the idea. On the other hand, 3,000 scientists who are real climatologists have signed a letter stating that human-made global change is a hoax. Who is right? Thirty thousand scientists have sued Al Gore for false information on global warming.

Some years ago National Geographic reported that a skeleton of a hunter was found way up in the Alps. The age of the hunter when he lived was estimated to be several hundred years ago. That skeleton was covered with ice all those years and was just now found after the ice in that region of the Alps had melted. So global warming must have existed long ago too.

Several years ago we were told that the polar bear population was dwindling fast because of the fast ice melt, but lo and behold, last year some very hidden reports reported that the polar bear population actually has now increased by 2,000. There was a little ice age between 1600 and 1850 but at the same time industrial human activity increased drastically with large amounts of pollution (CO2). In the 1930s we had a huge drought and heat in the USA while we were told in the 1970s that we were approaching an ice age and today we are approaching a huge global disaster through increased CO2 by burning.

Now some comments from me: For the most part only data that supports what certain groups want to hear to support their agenda, namely man-made climate change, is used.

Pushing the idea of climate change is pushed by many in the government and most academic institutes of higher learning because our government dishes out some $22 billion each year for grants to “scientists” who already know that we have climate change but they need to research it further. Is this circular reasoning?

Just another observation: Supposedly most global warming is caused by increases in CO2. But CO2 is needed for plant growth (which we need to eat). Plants in turn “exhale” oxygen which we need to live. Therefore global warming just might be a benefit to all that is living and grows on this planet.

I’ll stop here. Many, many more scientific research could be mentioned and other anecdotal evidences. I believe that all that global warmongering is politically motivated. Yes, we need to be good stewards of this planet and our God has put us here to do just that. But what in all the world could we do to change the sun’s changes in temps, etc.? How self-absorbed can we be? If you don’t believe what I stated, please do some research on your own.

P.S. When most people talk about climate change they really mean man-made climate change.