To The Editor:

Clean MO is back on the ballot Nov. 3. This time it is Amendment 3. And this time it is a no vote. It is a damaging direction for Missouri.

The primary focus of Amendment 3 is redistricting — redrawing Missouri’s voting district maps — something that needs to be done fairly and without political party influence. The maps will be adjusted after the 2020 census, which is why Amendment 3 was rushed through the Legislature.

Clean MO was approved by voters (62 percent) in November 2018, to provide fair guidelines for redistricting — maps determined by demographers, not politicians. Amendment 3 seeks to eliminate that. Amendment 3 would also limit representation of voters. This puts Missouri’s voters back to an 1875 standard!

Legislators are justifying this ballot item by asserting voters “didn’t understand what they were voting on” in November 2018.


Voters certainly did. Amendment 3 also has language that alludes to reducing financial gifts and contributions to legislators. These items were added exactly to “dress up” Amendment 3 into something palatable to sway voters. Don’t be fooled. This is a politician’s plan, not a citizen’s plan.

The final version of wording on November’s ballot puts the monetary reforms first. This is not the main intention. Read the entire item. Redistricting is the major issue. Opposition to Amendment 3 comes from hundreds of groups across the state.

Vote no on Amendment 3. Much more information available at