To The Editor:

For those of your readers who voted in 2018 in favor of a package of reforms to clean up politics in Jefferson City, I’d like to call attention to a vote by Republicans in the Missouri Senate Monday, Feb. 10.

What’s called the Clean Missouri initiative received 62 percent voter approval and would limit campaign contributions, change rules about gifts from lobbyists, and, most importantly, set up a nonpartisan method of deciding the new legislative district boundaries after the 2020 census.

Since the Republicans can’t admit publicly why they want to rewrite what the voters passed, they are claiming we didn’t understand what we were voting for. I think that’s insulting.

There is a coalition of a dozen or so groups trying to alert voters to what is happening, and we suggest doing some homework on SJR 38, which has now been sent to the Missouri House for consideration.

Please ask your legislators why they want us to vote on their new version of what we, the people, already passed two years ago.

Their answers may reveal more about them than the issue itself.