To The Editor:

I am way beyond disappointed with media coverage of the positive things President Biden and his administration have done and continue to do every day. Experts in diplomacy and foreign relations are praising Biden’s success in rallying not just the NATO countries but others as well to the defense of Ukraine, but we read nothing about that in our papers.

All 50 states will soon be receiving funds to repair roads and bridges thanks to the infrastructure bill passed by Democrats, despite constant criticism from Republicans. Instead of hanging on every word of two obstructionist Democratic senators, why doesn’t the media do some homework about what the Republicans are actually trying to accomplish? Sen. Mitch McConnell vowed to make Barack Obama “a one term president” and did everything in his power to kill the Affordable Care Act.

Why don’t Republicans want American families to have affordable medical care and lower prescription drug costs? Why don’t they want our 3- and 4-year-old children to have the developmental experiences necessary for the best intellectual and social outcomes in future schooling? That help is waiting in a bill passed by the House but blocked by Republicans in the Senate.

Maybe a few investigative reporters should look into where the hysteria about mask mandates and school curricula is coming from. If they follow the yellow brick road and pull back the curtain, they might discover the manipulator-in-chief who incites otherwise polite adults to scream insults at school board members.

Given the obstacles placed in front of him by Republicans, President Biden is doing an excellent job and will surely be commended by future historians.