To The Editor:

Our community appreciates the years of hard work the Miller family has put into keeping a viable newspaper in our community. We understand that this has been no small task, but the unity a newspaper can bring to a community is important. It helps us share those school memories, a local sport’s hero, and information on all our friends and neighbors. This over and above all the information we need to keep our community running politically and economically.

But times change and 2020 has definitely challenged all of us to reach outside our comfort zones. We have made thoughtful decisions to be a community, to protect each other and our economy in the midst of COVID-19. The newspaper also made a thoughtful decision to change leadership when it is important to be inclusive of others in our community. And the Supreme Court just upheld anti-discrimination laws.

I believe that another step in the direction of making our community inclusive would be for the Washington Town & Country Fair to establish guidelines that the Confederate flag would no longer be allowed in vendor booths. If NASCAR can ban the Confederate flag, surely we can. This symbol that is so intrinsically tied to racism should be thoughtfully removed as well. In 2020, we need unity to keep our community strong.