o The Editor:

I am concerned about the extreme hateful attitude of many people toward our president, Donald Trump.

I think it will breed more violence. It is quite obvious that many in the country are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. It seems to affect their minds.

It is a proven fact that when people are also full of bitterness and hate, it will affect their health. They say it’s like drinking poison and expecting the hated person to die.

What I find interesting is that many prominent Christian leaders in our country are very happy with him and are standing strong behind him. Maybe they are comparing him to King David in the Bible. King David did worse things than P resident Trump and God still chose him to lead His people.

I choose to listen to these Christian leaders rather than people whose minds are warped by hate.

A note to all true Christians — our country is in deep trouble and we need to pray for our country and our leaders as never before. We need some supernatural help.

We really need a Christian revival in America so we will once again be “One Nation Under God.”