To The Editor:

When you pay your Ameren bill each month, you probably aren’t thinking about just how much your energy company is supporting our local community beyond providing power.

Ameren was recently featured as one of the county’s largest United Way contributors, contributing significant dollars to the nonprofits serving children, elderly and at-risk families in our area.

I’ve been impressed with how the company has been one of the helpers throughout the pandemic, assisting families with their energy bills and donating money to organizations helping those impacted by job loss and other challenges over these past several months.

As a local business leader, I’ve seen firsthand how Ameren is investing in our community. Our company, WEG Transformers USA, has benefited greatly from Ameren’s ongoing focus to upgrade power substations across the region.

We’ve been doing so much business that WEG now plans to build a new facility in Washington to keep up with demand.

This is the kind of economic development Missouri needs now —local companies working together to benefit our region.

Another way Ameren is working toward this is by building more renewable energy to serve customers and reduce carbon emissions. These projects are not just investments in the future of our energy grid — they will also have a positive economic impact by creating jobs in Missouri.

Philip James