There’s not much excitement about Tuesday’s primary election in Franklin County. Tim Baker, county clerk and chief election official, predicts only about 26 percent of registered voters will bother to cast ballots.

It’s a well-recognized fact that many Americans don’t take their responsibility to vote seriously. They do show up in force for presidential elections and other special elections when pocketbook issues are on the ballot, such as bond issues and tax increases. But for many primary elections, ballot casting is light. Every now and then, candidate races bring out the voters.

It doesn’t do any good to editorialize about the lack of voter interest in many elections. Eyes and ears of too many people are closed to the responsibility to vote in every election. The Missourian always has held that if a person didn’t vote in a candidate election or when issues are on the ballot, that person has nullified his or her right to complain about what an elected official does, or what a taxing entity does with taxpayer money.

There is a constitutional amendment on the ballot Tuesday. It’s Amendment No. 2, which expands Medicaid. Opponents say it would be too costly. Proponents say expanding medical coverage for low-income people would return federal taxes to Missouri and help rural hospitals. The expansion is needed.

There are candidate races on the tickets. These are important offices they are running for and every position on the ballot should be given careful consideration by voters.

It’s your government and your tax money. Recognize your freedom and responsibility to vote.