The news was labeled as “good” by many Missourians who received word last week that a scaled-down Missouri State Fair will be held this year. Some people have reservations about it because of the COVID-19 threat, and the fact that the virus is on the upswing.

The State Fair, which is scheduled for Aug. 13-23, will look different. It will not have the usual grandstand entertainment events, including concerts, but the livestock activities will be held. Details on the other usual State Fair activities are still pending and will be announced when decisions are made.

Fair officials are well aware that a scaled-down event will not draw the attendance as in years past, even though all possible cleaning and disinfectant measures will be taken. A large segment of the population is still in the self-quarantined status and will be wary of attending, but fair officials will do everything possible to maintain social distancing.

Fair Director Mark Wolfe concedes, “It’s pretty difficult to change a whole lot about the livestock shows.”

Washington Town & Country Fair officials announced recently that the popular event has been canceled due to the threat of the virus, but still under discussion is the holding of events, such as the livestock shows and auction. The livestock auction is very important to the young exhibitors and their families, and fair officials are well aware of that fact.

It’s a tough decision to make for fair officials, and we have full confidence the board will make a decision that is in the best interests of the majority of the people. Washington Town & Country Fair officials, when they announced the cancellation of the event, said they believed a scaled-down event would not be in the best interests of the majority of people. It’s hard to disagree with their decision.

The uncertainties and fear of COVID-19 have had a far-reaching impact on our lives, the effects of which we have never experienced before. An effective vaccine will be developed. It takes time, and it requires much patience on our part. Conditions will improve.