Since it has received little publicity, and seems to be one of those inconsequential ballot events, the presidential primary election in Missouri March 10 isn’t attracting much attention.

Missouri’s presidential primary most likely will come and go as quietly as the proverbial church mouse.

There will be 33 candidates from five parties on the ballots. The majority are unknowns. The Democrats lead with 22 candidates, five are under the Republican Party, the Green Party has three names, two are under the Constitution label and there is one Libertarian Party candidate.

It will be interesting to see how many voters take the time to vote March 10 in the state and Franklin County. Our bet is that Donald Trump on the Republican ticket will lead all vote-getters. The Democratic primary race is wide open in this state. The other parties and their candidates could end up with single-digit vote totals in Franklin County.

Early indications are that the candidates will not spend much money on advertising for this election. The Missouri presidential primary election isn’t that significant in the overall scope of this type of election.

This is one of those ho-hum elections that is a shame to waste taxpayer money on, but political fanfare or not it will be held.

Will we learn anything about how Missourians will vote in November? As things stand now, Republican votes will outnumber those cast by Democrats.