There seems to be no end to consumer complaints filed with the Missouri Attorney General’s Office. Last year the office received 111,530 consumer complaints, according to a news release from Attorney General Eric Schmitt.

The Consumer Complaint Unit received 67,964 complaints and the No-Call Unit received 43,566 complaints.

The attorney general said in certain cases where mediation is unsuccessful and there are credible allegations of potential violations of the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act, the attorney general’s office investigates instances of fraud and lawyers do file lawsuits when applicable. Schmitt said “from suing prolific robocallers to going after crooked contractors, taking action against scammers kept us busy in 2019 and will remain a top priority of the attorney general’s office in 2020 and beyond.”

Nothing is more irritating than receiving calls from businesses or groups soliciting the purchase of goods or services even though the person on the receiving end of the calls has signed up for the state’s No-Call list. In an election year, calls from politicians increase, especially about surveys and seeking donations, and many people simply hang up quickly.

Another category that ranked No. 2 in calls were solicitations, publications and subscriptions. These complaints generally involve the receipt of mail and phone solicitations in regard to sweepstakes, lottery, and just plain scams. The other categories that ranked high in complaints had to do with financial firms, debt collection companies and credit repair services. Other complaints were in these categories: Automotive; retail-wholesale; communications/tech-

nology/online services; real estate and construction; timeshares and travel clubs; health; identity theft.

Consumers who wish to file a complaint online may do so at or by calling the consumer hot line at 800-392-8222.

Receiving the complaints and taking action when needed is a valuable service from the attorney general’s office.