The cars and the people in them in the drive-by demonstration at the Washington VFW Home Wednesday evening won’t be protesting anything.

The people in the vehicles will be honoring and celebrating the 100th birthday of Ott Jasper, a World War II veteran.

Ott is typical of many ordinary people who did extraordinary things in the military during a war. A gunner in a tank crew, he saw considerable combat action. He was wounded twice and received two Purple Hearts.

His first wounds were received in December 1944. He spent 12 days in an Army hospital. The second time he was wounded was in April 1945, a month before the war ended in Europe.

The son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jasper, Ott had four brothers who served in the Army.

The Jaspers were typical of many families during World War II who had all or most members serving in the military. Called the Greatest Generation, the sacrifices families made during that era are unparalleled in American history.

There aren’t many World War II veterans still with us. They are due all the respect we can show them. We should regard them as the “Heroes Among Us.”

It is comforting that many Americans care about veterans and recognize the sacrifices that were made for the freedoms they enjoy today.

If you are one of those Americans, show your support for Ott Jasper at the drive-by parade at the Washington VFW at 6:15 p.m., Wednesday, July 1.

Happy birthday, Ott, you are our kind of hero!