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One of Union’s brightest lights went dark Monday when Robert “Bob” Hansen died at the age of 89 after a brief illness.

The biggest media story of the week has left many of us asking which is more distressing — that some of the richest people in America paid little or no income taxes at all multiple times in the mid-2000s or that their confidential tax information was leaked, possibly by someone in the IRS.

U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt praised Robin Carnahan at her confirmation hearing to head the General Services Administration (GSA) on Thursday.

It took nearly a decade, but on Monday Gov. Mike Parson signed a bill into law creating a statewide prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP).

The 77th anniversary of D-Day, which was Sunday, June 6, is well remembered by people still with us who lived during World War II and experienced what was one of the most historic events in this country’s history.

It probably was only a matter of time before our community experienced a wave of catalytic converter thefts.

Two of the fastest high school sprinters in Missouri are from Franklin County.

We lost another subscriber last week due to the chronically slow delivery of The Missourian by the United States Postal Service.

One could run out of adjectives to describe Washington’s new municipal swimming pool. We will settle for stating the obvious — it’s a beauty.

The city of Washington and the Washington Area of Chamber of Commerce are laying the groundwork for an RV campground in Washington.

Within days of the Republican-led Legislature passing a bill to increase the state’s gas tax, an anti-tax advocacy group filed a petition to put the matter to a public vote.

Large crowds poured into downtown Washington over the weekend to sample local wines, arts and crafts and live entertainment at the annual Art Fair & Winefest.

Any parent of a child whose education was impacted by COVID-19 has probably wondered what the long-term impact will be on their future.

A state appeals court ruled this week that medical marijuana regulators in Missouri cannot keep license applications secret.

Marc Houseman had a unique passion for history. He lived it, he breathed it, and he nurtured it.

When history looks back at the 2021 Missouri legislative session, it will be viewed as a “very, very successful session.”

This week’s CDC announcement that fully vaccinated people can forgo masks and social distancing in most situations has people wondering, “Is this the beginning of the end of the pandemic?”

Passing a tax increase in Missouri is no easy feat. It’s damn near impossible with the anti-tax furor that possesses Republican super majorities in the General Assembly.

Funding higher education now means subsidizing the political activists who have hijacked it.”

To be a fellow worker with God is the highest aspiration of which we can conceive man capable.” — Florence Nightingale, founder of the modern nursing profession (1820-1910)

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With all the fanfare over the Hoffmann Family of Companies investing $100 million to make the Augusta area a national wine destination, overlooked by many is the Augusta Bottom Road, a shortcut from Highway 47 and Washington to Augusta.

If you want to avoid identity theft, do not post pictures of your CDC-issued COVID-19 vaccination record card on social media.

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Washington enjoyed unprecedented industrial growth in the 24 years that Dick Oldenburg served the city as its community economic development director.

It was a busy news week this past week with the Derek Chauvin trial and President Biden’s announcement of a $2 trillion infrastructure proposal, among other national stories breaking.

Washington Area Highway Transportation Committee members expressed concern over the Highway 100 and St. Johns Road intersection at their meeting Monday, March 29.

President Joe Biden has made unifying Americans one of his main goals. He didn’t help that promise Thursday when he held his first formal press conference since entering the White House.

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