On domestic and foreign policies our nation’s capital ranks as the center of haggling as Republicans and Democrats are overcome with stubbornness.

The House has impeached President Donald Trump but Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuses to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate, which is supposed to hold the impeachment trial. Pelosi wants details on how the Senate is going to handle the impeachment trial, and whether more witnesses are going to be called.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has taken the position that the impeachment trial is the Senate’s business and not that of the House. So it’s a standoff.

Both sides are in a power struggle. One thing is clear. The House had its opportunity and acted, coming out with articles of impeachment. The Republican majority Senate believes the Democrat-controlled House had its opportunity and how the Senate conducts its trial is Senate business.

It is commonly believed that the Senate will acquit the president in short order.

The game Pelosi is playing in an election year isn’t completely clear and has led to all kinds of speculation. Her deck doesn’t seem to be a winner. The cards she is playing have weaknesses and in the end we don’t think she will be a winner. Did she fully inform the Republicans how the House would conduct its impeachment proceedings? Did the Senate demand that information?

The power plays that are being exhibited have a bad taste and smell in the stomachs of Americans. Congress has to end the haggling and return to giving attention to the many issues and challenges. On foreign policy, it is clear now that the United States and Iran don’t want an all-out war. Both have backed off from taking additional steps that could lead to a war.

But the question remains, how much longer is the U.S.-Iran situation of missile strikes going to continue? If they continue, how long will it be before it leads to a war?

What has happened may have helped the Republicans more than the Democrats. We hear comments like Obama and the Democrats running for president wouldn’t have had the guts to attack Iran like Trump did.

The message Trump has sent out is that he isn’t afraid to act when the situation calls for it. That message was heard by other countries that have differences with the U.S.

Of course, not all Americans approve of what Trump did, but many do. Trump backers are still there in large numbers.