Quote of the week: “Thanksgiving is the most magical Thursday of the year.”  – Kristen Wiig


This week’s column is descriptions of some my of favorite “Saturday Night Live” Thanksgiving sketches in no particular ranking. All of them can be found on YouTube.com.

I’ll start off with former cast member Kristen Wiig’s monologue when she hosted in November 2016. She and other guest stars, including former cast members Steve Martin and Will Forte, sang a factually incorrect song about the first four Thanksgiving holidays.

Since Wiig was raised by wolves, according to her monologue, she shares some not well known statements about the development of Thanksgiving traditions, famous historian figures and more.

“The first Thanksgiving was on Pyramid Rock. The Indians and pilgrims said ‘Let’s eat on this rock.’ Paul Revere said ‘Dinner’s served. Let’s all say grace.’ Then Ben Franklin brought salad, Paul slapped him in the face,” Wiig sings.

“The pilgrims charged everyone a Thanksgiving fee, but Sacagawea used her coins and said ‘This one’s on me.’ The Vikings showed up on a double decker bus and said ‘If we don’t eat those turkeys, they’re going to eat us!’ And that’s why we eat turkey.”

After Wiig sings about the first, second and third Thanksgivings, Martin and Forte enter on stage to tell her that “at least two” of her facts are wrong. However, all three of them sing hilarious versus about the fourth Thanksgiving.

One of the best lines from this sketch is, “Wait, there’s something I just realized while singing this song, Thanksgiving never really happened, it was in our hearts all along.”

Speaking of songs, “Weekend Update: Adam Sandler on Thanksgiving” is just plain a silly and hilarious tune. Sandler’s musical number is combination of lyrics about eating turkey and pop culture facts of 1992.

If your family is extremely affectionate, then you can probably relate to the “Kissing Family” sketches. This was a reoccurring sketch for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. It starts out with a son coming home from college break with his new girlfriend.

The son greets his parents, siblings and other family members by kissing them on the lips. He introduces his girlfriend to his family and then the family members continue to kiss to each other until the unsuspecting girlfriend becomes very uncomfortable.

In addition to kissing, the family does other actions throughout the sketch that have germaphobes cringing, such has sharing food.

These sketches only work with the right cast members including, Wiig, Fred Armisen, Bill Hader and Andy Samberg because their faces and actions speak for themselves. I can’t help, but laugh hysterically every time I watch the “Kissing Family” sketches.

“A Thanksgiving Miracle” is one to watch because it shows a family at the dinner table discussing what they’re thankful for and then someone brings up a political topic, which upsets others at the table.

When tensions are high, a little girl turns on Adele’s song “Hello.” The song calms everyone down and they lip sync along. The family members offend each other and then they are interrupted by “Hello” happens throughout the skit.

While the song plays, each character starts to turn into Adele, whether they are wearing a fur coat like she does, has their hair blown back by the wind, or have her feminine hands.

This sketch has a funny take on families who have members with opposite political views.