From what Missourian reporters can learn, Franklin County has problems in its circuit and municipal courts system. The main problem appears to be understaffing in the prosecutor’s office and in the court system. The Missourian has published stories about the backlog of cases and understaffing.

Members of the Missouri General Assembly this session will try to disable Amendment 1, the Clean Missouri reform act passed by voters last year. Amendment 1 passed statewide by a 62 percent majority.

The Kansas City Chiefs football team’s trip to the Super Bowl is something to be proud of for all Missourians, many of whom changed their pro football allegiance to the Chiefs from the Rams when that team left St. Louis for Los Angeles. From now until the Super Bowl Feb. 2, Missouri will rec…

It is an accepted fact that with an increase of population there also is an increase in crime. And that means more money has to be spent for law enforcement.

A Franklin County family has been waiting three years for a murder suspect to be brought to trial. There has been one delay after another in the murder trial process that has been unfair not only to the family but also to the suspect who remains in the county jail. Of course, often it is the…

This nation has heard the fairness call ever since the impeachment movement took shape. The simple fact is there is no fairness in politics. The fairness issue depends on which side you are on and one’s views.

As for anything new, and a change in what was, people are wondering about the future of medical marijuana in Missouri and in Franklin County. There are many questions and in time most will be answered.

Gov. Mike Parson in his State of the State speech offered a plan to combat violent crime in the state, and at the same time reaffirmed his support for gun rights. The crime issue and his call for a new state savings plan highlighted his speech Wednesday to members of the General Assembly.

The new rezoning code for Franklin County was approved by the county commission as expected. Even though a large crowd of 50 or more people attended the commission meeting to protest the rezoning of the county, all three commissioners voted for it.

America has its problems but nothing like what is happening in Iran, where the government is under fire for accidentally shooting down that Ukrainian passenger plane, killing all 176 people on board, just after takeoff from Tehran.

The Area Development magazine tells readers much about the economy, industrial development and education that are tied to jobs. It keeps up with economic development on the states. A story we found interesting in this era of emphasis on technical training has to do with the value of a colleg…

Tracking rainfall in this area to establish a trend is hardly a proven science since the yearly totals aren’t that revealing. In the past, yearly rainfall totals were more consistent than in this era.

Quote of the week: “Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” — Omar Khayyam

There is a tremendous economic impact from the annual Washington Town and Country Fair but most of all it brings the Washington community and its rural neighbors together like no other event.

Union’s city administrator, Russell Rost, plans to retire from that position in October 2020 after 13 years of serving the people of that city.

Political observers are expressing surprise with presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ recent surge in the standings among the Democrats who are running for the office.

The General Assembly will consider legislation in the session just underway for modest tax hikes for roads and bridges.

On domestic and foreign policies our nation’s capital ranks as the center of haggling as Republicans and Democrats are overcome with stubbornness.

Public opinion, according to polls, is that college athletes deserve some type of monetary reward because of the money they create for schools and the NCAA, which is their governing body that benefits from the competition of playoffs and championships.

There are city of Union residents who say it’s about time the municipality has a city hall. Well, it’s coming and it should be ready by October of this year. It will be the first dedicated city hall Union has had.

The momentum on discussions of the operation of St. Louis Lambert International Airport now is tilted toward a regional approach — at least that seems to be the latest movement. Since privatization apparently is dead and buried, city of St. Louis officials will listen to other ideas for the …

Washington is on the way to being certified as a POW/MIA City. It will join Franklin County in the designation, the purpose of which is to publicly remember the sacrifices made by the servicemen and -women who were prisoners of war or missing in action in all the wars fought by Americans. Fr…

President Donald Trump made a bold move when he ordered a drone strike against Iran that killed a prominent general who was a powerful leader and was planning attacks against the United States and American officials.

Socialist Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders reported that he raised $34.5 million in the fourth quarter of 2019. Rival candidate Joe Biden reported his campaign raised $22.7 million in the fourth quarter.

When the mayor of St. Louis announced that the Lambert International Airport privatization proposal was dead, other plans were sure to be proposed.

The city of St. Louis has many problems but none is bigger than its murder rate. It has a reputation as one of the most dangerous cities in the country because of its homicides.

With the Franklin County Commission poised to act on a new zoning code, and with approval expected, thoughts have emerged to ensure all county property owners have protection for their property values.

We hear quite a lot about cold cases being solved on the national level, but it’s rare when one occurs in Franklin County. In the Weekend Missourian, we carried a story by staff member Gregg Jones about the cold case that led to the arrest of a suspect in a 1987 murder that occurred in the c…

One of the best things we can look forward to in 2020 is the end of the impeachment saga in Congress. We hope the Senate does not drag out the Trump trial after three months of the inquiry in the House that brought the impeachment allegations.

Quote of the week: “There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela

There is one 2020 prediction that we hope never happens. Kevin Low, a National Weather Service hydrologist with the Missouri Basin River Forecast Center, said the outlook is grim that there will be major flooding of the Missouri River in the spring.

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