With the largest economic stimulus package in America’s history soon to be implemented, is the federal government prepared to distribute the aid in a fair, timely and efficient manner?

The coronavirus outbreak is changing the political scene in America. It’s too early to tell how much, but the campaigns already have changed.

One of the many casualties of the COVID-19 outbreak is the cancellation of the International Zither Gathering.

You may have noticed that some senior citizens are very concerned but not in a panic mode over the current coronavirus outbreak. They are cooperating with all the suggestions and orders given as protective measures to help stem the spread of this dangerous virus.

Rumors are more likely to circulate whenever a crisis, such as the current one over the coronavirus, occurs, prompting the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to point to facts on the federal response to the disease.

The National Council of Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. However, the Greater St. Louis Area Council of the Boy Scouts, which includes Scouts in this area, is not a party to the filing.

St. Louis University has one of the nine Vaccine and Treatment Evaluation Units (VTEU) that is involved in vaccine treatment and is involved in research for a vaccine to treat the current COVID-19, according to the St. Louis Business Journal, which said the university has been involved befor…

After its worst plunge in more than three decades, stocks shot upward Tuesday. More federal aid to cope with the coronavirus outbreak had something to do with it.

The current scare from the coronavirus isn’t the first time this nation has been confronted with a threat from a virus, or disease, and it has brought back memories from those years. But in this world of instant communication, and much world travel, the COVID-19 is receiving more attention, …

The blanket shutdown of regular daily activities is a new experience for most Americans. The end of it can’t be seen at this time.

Because of politics being what it is, it was impossible to keep it out of the current health crisis. The blame for not acting fast enough to the problem ranges to President Donald Trump to local officials.

It is really not a surprise that voters in the Democratic primary ranked health care as the most important issue the country faces.

Missouri soon may be the last state in the nation to adopt a statewide prescription opioid tracking database. There has been resistance to such a program by some Republicans for years.

Not only is it deadly, but it’s highly disruptive to the lives of millions of people across the globe. The coronavirus disease has brought people around the world to their knees, and to their deaths.

In Franklin County Tuesday, voter turnout in the presidential preference primary election was only 20.7 percent of the registered voters. Needless to say, that was a pitiful showing — almost an embarrassment. Only 14,748 ballots were cast. The county has 71,182 registered voters.

With Joe Biden’s smashing success with Democratic voters in Tuesday’s election in Missouri, Michigan and Mississippi, he appears to be in the commanding position to win his party’s nomination for president.

It was good news to learn that the Washington Parks Department plans to upgrade the old caboose on Front Street next to the train station. As a recreational point in that area of the riverfront, it may be a minor attraction, but to children who visit and play on it, it’s a joyful experience.

Respect for others and their opinions fades, especially in politics, and it can be constant with some people and with others just during an election year. It is the nature of many humans, male and female, regardless of their status in life.

There are some people who believe reading printed matter is a relic of years past. They should attend Family Reading Night of which The Missourian is the lead sponsor. The printed words are alive and stimulating.

Mercy Hospital Washington is honor-rich because it rates so high in performance in delivering health care. The honors are a reminder of how fortunate we are to have such a facility to serve this area.

Missouri received 2,266 applications for medical marijuana licenses to grow, sell or distribute products permitted under the law. The applications were filed by at least 700 different groups, many from out of state.

They are commonly called feral hogs, or wild hogs. For the past several years, maybe longer, they’ve been gaining in attention. Just this past week, state Sen. Dave Schatz of Sullivan devoted his weekly column to the menacing threat they pose. The Missouri Press Association sent out a press …

We don’t know exactly what Joe Biden’s campaign theme is but perhaps he ought to think about this one: “Those of you who have been knocked down, those of you who have been knocked out, this is your campaign.” He said that after his success with voters in Super Tuesday’s primaries in 14 state…

It’s not easy being in the retail business these days. It is especially challenging for the small, independent retailer.

After more than 18 years of the war in Afghanistan, will our troops really be heading home? According to the peace agreement reached this past weekend, American troops are supposed to begin leaving almost immediately. The Taliban is to begin negotiations with Afghanistan groups beginning Mar…

It really wasn’t a surprise that Joe Biden would do well in the South Carolina primary election Saturday. His strength there was widely known, especially with African American voters.

There still is considerable interest in attending one of the military academies in the United States, except there is a shortage of interest in going to the Army’s academy at West Point. At least that is true in applicants who have applied for an appointment through Sen. Roy Blunt’s office.

Anyone who has been in military service is acquainted with the Stars and Stripes newspaper, which has been the voice and watchdog for members of our Armed Forces for 159 years. The newspaper faces a financial crisis because the Department of Defense is proposing to eliminate federal funding for it.

The verbal fireworks at the Democratic presidential debate in South Carolina again demonstrated how divided the candidates are in their agendas and proposed policies. For the most part they aren’t united except in one thing — beat Donald Trump.

Voters who plan to cast a ballot in the March 10 presidential preference primary election in Missouri will see a large number of names as candidates — 33 names under five party banners.

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