Haylee Paige, a Washington High School cheerleader who also competes competitively, has signed to cheer at Trinity Valley Community College (TVCC) in Athens, Texas — one of the elite cheer schools in the country.

“Trinity Valley is an 11-time Collegiate National Champion and perennial Top 5 NCA. The Trinity cheer squad is well known in the collegiate cheer world as a dominate player, producing one of the strongest programs in the country.

“Several members of the TVCC Cardinals have gone on to represent TEAM USA,” said Steve Roberts, stunt and tumbling director at Power Athletix/Dance Craze in Washington and coach of Paige’s competitive team.

Paige, a Washington native, is the granddaughter of Terri Bell.

Her cheer journey started her freshman year at Washington High School.

“I had been involved in gymnastics for nine years when I entered my freshman year of high school,” she said. “I decided to start cheerleading with my friends and take tumbling at Dance Craze.”

Paige “fell in love” with cheer her freshman year after making the junior varsity squad. She focused on improving her skills. That dedication paid off because the following year she made the varsity team as a sophomore.

It was that same year she took part in Power Athletix’s competitive cheer team.

“When I started tumbling they did not have a competitive team for my age group,” she said. “When they offered a senior team for the competitive team, I wanted to do it.”

Throughout her high school career she has cheered as a flyer for both the competitive team and football cheer team at WHS. A flyer is the person who is lifted into the air during a stunt.

Paige’s training, according to Roberts, consisted of “working with some of the best in the industry.” That included Shannon Mohesky, Collin Johnson, Dominique Garlington, Chaz Johnson and Emily Stricker, all top competitors in the cheer community.

Her hard work, high skill level and dedication caught the eyes of many, including her coach Roberts.

“Haylee is an outstanding example of an athlete who knows no limitations. Her dedication and commitment to challenging herself, coupled with a passion to learn and perform incredibly difficult skills, put her in an elite category few in cheer have ever been,” Roberts said.

Due to her exceptional talent, Roberts contacted cheer schools in the country to speak of Paige’s talent. One of those schools was Trinity Valley.

During a 2019 visit to the campus, Paige met TVCC head cheer coach Javontae Johnson and he invited her to a cheer combine in Kentucky.

“I saw Halyee’s talent and thought, this girl has to be on my team,” said Johnson.

Following that, she was then invited to a football game to watch the cheer team later that year.

Paige received her initial offer from the college during her visit in the fall. Paige decided to do her due diligence and think about it. She then decided to accept it. The offer included a scholarship, and a spot on the cheer team.

At her signing with Trinity Valley, Roberts came and surprised her to watch the special moment in Texas.

“It was an honor to train and help Haylee prepare for this incredible achievement, as well as be with her and her family during the signing,” he said.

Paige will continue to cheer with Power Athletix until she leaves for school. She will attend a cheer camp with the college this summer and then move in August.

“I am super excited to have Haylee joining us this fall,” Johnson said. “She’ll be able to bring a lot to the team.”

Paige offered some advice for other teens in the cheer community hoping to reach the same goals she has: “Don’t be afraid to try new things and trust your bases.”