The city of Washington’s Well House No. 9, located on Steutermann Road near Valley Drive, is fully operational according to Public Works Superintendent Kevin Quaethem.

“It’s been running for 2 1/2 weeks. We got the concrete poured in front of it. For our parking,” Quaethem said Tuesday at the board of public works meeting. “I made an extra little drive in the back of the building so we don’t have to back out of it.”

Quaethem said that backing out onto Steutermann Road is dangerous, and now that can be avoided.

In June, Quaethem said that once the well house was operational, all nine of Washington’s well houses would be in use, which benefits the city’s irrigation systems.

Car Crash

In December 2018 a Ford Mustang hit the building and that damaged the electrical controls, knocking it off-line.

The wells help circulate chlorine.

At the time, it was predicted to be completed in January. However, Washington built a larger well house in its place.

According to John Nilges, public works director, the new structure was built 1 foot to the south of where it had been located, allowing for better sight-view from Valley Drive.

The new building has been squared to the curb, while the old building sat at an angle. This also has led to a better site-view. 

Steutermann Road and Valley Drive were reworked using federal grants that were applied for four years ago, prior to the December 2018 car crash at the site.

Other features of the new well house include waterproof paneling, which is the first well house to feature the paneling. It also has a new meter base and disconnect that will allow Ameren to kill power if necessary, according to city staff.