KFC closed

Months after a forced closing due to multiple health violations and a full building remodel, the Washington Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant was again shuttered by the Franklin County Health Department Thursday, Nov. 29.

The closing this week was prompted after complaints of sewage backing up from floor drains.

Health department officials investigated the complaint at 1:20 p.m. Thursday, closed the restaurant located at 800 Washington Square, and notified the city of Washington of the sewer problem.

According to the inspection report, the sewage was coming out of drains in the women’s restroom, kitchen and office.

The report detailed that open sewage in the office was soaking into cardboard and was exposed to food storage.

The kitchen floor had standing, dirty water at the time of the visit as well.

An area under the ice maker had not been cleaned and standing trash, moisture and food debris were found in the area.

The inspection also noted the violation of a personal beverage, coats and other items in the food storage area.

The report mandated the restaurant could not reopen until it installed a new mop sink and could not dump mop water into other sinks or outside.

Employees will need to clean all walls, floors and ceilings, especially grease on the floor behind the fryer as well as the wall.

A ventilation unit on the ceiling in the kitchen also needs to be cleaned due to being covered in dust.

The report concluded by stating the restaurant could not reopen until the sewage system is repaired completely and other repairs and cleaning are done.  

At that time another inspection will be conducted by the health department.  

Previous Violations

In March of this year the Washington KFC was shut down for 48 hours after an impromptu health department inspection following a small fire at the business.

At that time, county inspectors found six critical items and more than 25 additional noncritical infractions.

Topping that list were electrical outlets along the wall with the fryers having grease buildup and needing to be replaced. This was the fourth time the same infraction was noted.

Although all food items were at safe temperatures, mold and moisture was found inside the walk-in cooler on the ceiling and walls.

Mold also was found on an ice scoop used to fill drink orders for the drive-thru.

Additional critical violations noted were all surfaces in the restaurant needed deep cleaning, and several areas were unsanitary. This was the third violation for both of these items.

Restaurant owners were directed to repair or remove from the restaurant several pieces of equipment still not functioning properly, including a broken and leaking warmer and pressure fryer.

The remaining infractions were a mixture of cleaning and maintenance issues, some in the food storage and preparation areas and others in the customer dining areas.

Since that time, the restaurant was closed early for already scheduled renovations and reopened this summer.