A portion of Tiemann Drive in Washington was closed Saturday morning after a report of a device resembling a pipe bomb was called in to police.

Washington Police Sgt. Steve Sitzes said the device was reported by a pedestrian around 8 a.m. Police secured a 50-yard radius around the device.

The St. Charles County Bomb Disposal Unit was called to the scene and neutralized the device.

Sitzes said the device, approximately three inches long and three-quarters of an inch around, contained a black powder and had a fuse.

“It’s a rare occurrence for us,” Sitzes said. “We’ve had issues in the past of people trying to make these kinds of devices in their garages.”

An investigation of the incident is ongoing.

“In our opinion, somebody threw it there and it didn’t go off,” Sitzes said.

The scene was reported clear at 1 p.m. Saturday.