Disc golfers in Washington finally have a place in town to play.

Washington Parks Director Wayne Dunker announced Friday the first nine holes of the disc golf course at Burger Park, Washington, are open. The park is located at Highway 100 and International Avenue.

At last week’s Washington Park Board meeting, Dunker said the baskets had been placed. He noted the first nine holes are located closest to Highway 100. 

“If you look real close, you can see a basket off of (Highway) 100, in between some of the white pines,” said Dunker. “It’s a pretty tight spot if you’re actually playing.”

For now, disc golfers can only play on the completed holes.

“The goal is to have the back nine, which are in the woods, worked on this winter and have it open by this spring,” said Dunker.  

Over the summer, park staff mowed the area specifically to designate routes to each hole.

The Washington Lions Club donated the baskets to the parks department earlier this month.  

Last week, staff graded around each concrete ring and spruced up each hole. 

Dunker said trash cans, park signage and hole signage still need to be purchased. 

Other items on the to-do list include reconfiguring the parking lot and sealing it, general landscaping, rock/boulder work and seeding. 

Dunker also mentioned a grand opening is in the works. He’s hopeful to host it by the end of September. 

Washington High School graduate John Burger donated $5,000 to the Burger Park fund over the summer. The donation is set to help with benches, signage and landscaping. 


During the meeting Wednesday, board members asked if volunteers are needed to help work on the course.

Dunker said there were some volunteers who helped with holes and landscaping.

“I know there’s some concrete work that’s going to need to be done,” he said, noting the concrete work is specifically for the tee boxes. Right now, the department has AstroTurf at the tee boxes.

The parks department wants people to play on the course for a few weeks before pouring concrete.

“We want to see how everything falls with relation to where the holes are,” said Dunker. “Then once we have decided where our holes are, we’ll concrete those tee boxes in. That’s where the volunteers come in.”

Anyone who would like volunteer to help should contact the parks department at 636-390-1080.

Discussions on building a disc golf course began in 2017. After the idea of a disc golf course was backed by the city council that same year, the parks department was urged to develop plans for the project.

Soon after, the Washington Elks Club sought a grant to help with funding and the Washington Lions Club also said it would be willing to donate.

Between the two clubs, roughly $20,000 in funding was secured by December 2017. The money was to be used for purchasing baskets, signs, concrete for the tee boxes and landscaping. 

Lions Club member Shawn Gorden mapped out the course fairways. The course received council approval early in 2018. 

Work on the first set of holes has faced multiple delays due to rainy weather.