The Washington City Council approved a dispatching agreement between the cities of Washington and New Haven.

Beginning Thursday, Oct. 1, the Washington Communications Department will be providing police dispatching services for the New Haven Police Department.

Lisa Moffitt, director of communications for the city of Washington, said the contract will run for one year, ending Sept. 30, 2021, at which time the contract will be re-evaluated.

The contract will cost the New Haven Police Department $6,500.

Moffitt brought the proposal to the city administration a year ago, according to City Administrator Darren Lamb.

“It has taken us a while to get to this point, and this first year will act as a trial period,” Lamb said. “Lisa feels comfortable that we can handle their (police) call volume.”

Moffitt said New Haven receives about 1,100 total police calls a year.  “So, their call volume is not anywhere near what we are experiencing,” she said.

New Haven Police Department previously received its police dispatching services through Franklin County, and New Haven Police Chief Christopher Hammann said the reason for the change was not due to any conflict.

“It nothing against Franklin County, this was just the direction we wanted to (go in and) try,” Hammann said.