One piece of postponed business and a series of purchases are on tap for the Washington City Council this coming Monday.

During the regular meeting, which begins at 7 p.m., a previously postponed hearing regarding the rezoning of 800 and 902 Locus St. to PD-R Planned Residential remains on the agenda.

The rezoning would allow for a proposed subdivision including 27 new single-family homes along Locust Street and a new street to be called Maple Valley Court.

New agenda items include proposed ordinances for a sale contract with B & M Metro Properties, LLC, for the property located at 4811 South Point Road; a contract agreement with SN Partners, Dutzow, for a sludge spreader; a purchase agreement with Radio Comm Co. for two mobile radios to be placed at Fire Department Headquarters; a contract agreement with Compass Minerals America, Inc. for rock salt; and the bid from CivicPlus for the purchase of CivicRec software for the parks department.

A council workshop meeting will precede the regular meeting. Starting at 6 p.m., the council will discuss among other things the 2020 water rate proposal.