The Washington School District Board of Education’s two incumbents competing in the April 6 election will return to the board for another three years.

Incumbent President John Freitag and Director Kevin L. Blackburn beat new challenger Spencer J. Nothum.

The results were: Freitag, 1,248; Blackburn, 1,047; and Nothum, 832.

Votes are counted in Franklin, St. Charles and Warren counties. 

“I just want to thank all the voters for voting for me and have the confidence in me to carry on for the next three years,” Blackburn said.

Before this win, he had served on the board for the past nine years, or three terms. Freitag has served since 2015.

"We need to continue to do the positive things that we've done in the past and continue to be innovative as we move forward," Freitag said. "That's really what our goals are for the next year, and to get the new superintendent in place and her cabinet in place and to keep moving forward."

Prior to the election, Blackburn said he was nervous.

“It’s definitely been a weird year with COVID and everything; you just don't know what's going to happen,” he said.

This win solidified the idea that the board had made the right decisions around COVID-19, he said. He is looking forward to making safety a top priority in his new term. 

Freitag said he will continue to make learning in the pandemic a major focus, in addition to the transition of the new superintendent and director of curriculum next school year.