A Washington man who as a teenager was part of a 2018 shootout between two vehicles at Highways 100 and 47 has been sentenced to five years of supervised probation after brokering a plea deal with the Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney’s office. 

Samuel Hays Baker, 22, was arrested in September 2018 after the Washington Police Department, assisted by the Franklin County Multi-Jurisdictional Violent Crime and Narcotics Task Force, was contacted by a victim who had sustained an injury during the shooting. 

The victim had not yet sought medical attention but identified Baker as the shooter. 

According to police, following the shooting in the Washington Corners shopping center parking lot, one vehicle left the scene traveling westbound, and one left eastbound. It is unclear which vehicle Baker was in at the time of the shooting. 

Baker was later charged with one count of unlawful use of a weapon, a Class E felony; one count of first-degree assault, a Class B felony; one count of second-degree assault, a Class D felony; and one count of property damage, a Class E felony. 

According to court filings, Baker reportedly fired his gun at two different people. The victims are not identified in court records. 

As part of the plea deal, Baker is sentenced to five years of supervised probation in lieu of a prison sentence that he will be ordered to serve if he violates the terms of his probation. 

Among the terms of his probation are the requirements that he complete 175 hours of community service, have no contact with the victims in the case, complete mental health and substance abuse evaluations and abstain from any alcohol use. If Baker violates the terms, he could face up to 24 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections. 

This is not the first time Baker has been in court. 

In 2017, Baker was handed five years’ supervised probation for a felony charge of first-degree tampering with a motor vehicle.

Baker and two others confessed to shooting out windows on vehicles and homes during a vandalism rampage in Washington over several days in 2016.

At the time, Washington police said the number of reports of property damage had topped 70.

Following the arrest of the three individuals, police seized three airsoft BB guns, CO2 cartridges and BBs found inside the car as evidence.

Police allege the airsoft BB guns were used to break out windows on parked vehicles and on some homes and businesses. There also were reports of body damage to some vehicles.

In one instance, a youth reported he was shot with a BB gun while walking in the area of Wenona Drive, police said.

Most of the property damage occurred in the Quail Run, Dawn Valley and Meriwether subdivisions, but there also were reports of damage in other areas of town.

According to court records, Baker violated the terms of his probation five times in 2018.