Walmart Store Redeisgn

Washington Walmart store managers clap and sing at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the store’s approximately $6 million redesign Friday morning. Washington civic leaders joined store managers in cutting the ribbon on the new redesign. From left are, Chris Philpot, store lead, Dan Anderson, store manager, Heather Vollmer, store coach, Catherine Quanty, store coach, Kevin Cain, store coach, Brian Siegfred, store coach, and Kimberly Walters, store coach.

Washington’s Walmart store was the retail giant’s first to be transformed into a Supercenter. That was in 1988. On Friday, store officials cut the ribbon on a nearly $6 million renovation and redesign making it one of the chain’s first to convert to the next generation “store of the future.” 

“We are the first ‘store of the future’ to open in Missouri and one of the first 29 to use this new concept in the country,” Dan Anderson, store manager said.