Donna Wissmann and Debi Prichard count absentee ballots

Donna Wissmann, left, Union, and Debi Prichard, Villa Ridge, feed absentee ballots into a voting machine April 6 at the Franklin County Clerk's office.  Both women have spent upwards of 20 years helping with elections and were counting ballots for the municipal elections.

Below are the general election results for Franklin County's contested races in Washington, Union, Sullivan, St. Clair and Pacific with 38 of the county's 38 precincts reporting election returns.

These results are unofficial and will be unofficial until certified later this week by Franklin County Clerk Tim Baker and his counterparts in St. Charles and Warren counties. 

Washington City Council — Ward 1

(2/2 precincts reporting)

Duane Reed: 131 

Tessie Steffens: 102 

Louis Swoboda: 4 

Dan Contarini: 24 

Justin C. Fuse: 97 

Washington City Council — Ward 2

(2/2 precincts reporting)

Mark Wessels: 212

Kari Klenke: 122 

Washington City Council — Ward 4

(2/2 precincts reporting)

Joe Holtmeier: 265 

Michael Johns: 139

Washington School District

(17/17 precincts reporting)

Franklin County results only:

Kevin L. Blackburn: 784

John Freitag: 990

Spencer J. Nothum: 648 

(100 percent reported)

St. Charles County results:

Kevin L. Blackburn: 43

John Freitag: 64

Spencer J. Nothum: 41 

(5/5 precincts reporting)

Warren County results:

Kevin L. Blackburn: 220

John Freitag: 194

Spencer J. Nothum: 143

St. Clair Mayor

(2/2 precincts reporting)

Amanda Sikes: 192

James A. Barns: 45

Cozy Bailey: 204

St. Clair R-XIII School Board 

(9/9 precincts reporting)

Craig Licklider: 305

Robert Taylor: 419

Tracey Roberts (Sindelar): 318

Pacific City Marshal

(3/3 precincts reporting)

Andrew "Drew" Whitman: 180

Scott Melies: 305

Greg Hurst: 124

Pacific City Alderman — Ward 2

(2/2 precincts reporting)

Ryan Schaecher: 108

Jerry Eversmeyer: 201

Meramec Valley R-III Proposition 1 

Franklin County results only. 

Yes: 861 

No: 262

Union Alderman — Ward 3

(2/2 precincts reporting)

Christian A. Dunn: 30

Dennis Soetebier: 48 

Sullivan City Collector

(2/2 precincts reporting)

Sarah Steinbach: 117

Felicia "Lisa" Witt-Koepke: 45 

Franklin County R-II School Board

(4/4 precincts reporting)

Audrey Freitag: 18

Amanda L. Yates: 60

Dale Allen Borcherding: 61