The relocation of Union R-XI administrative staff has begun.

After a summer of renovations, the district’s new home for its administration is ready for occupancy. Superintendent Steve Weinhold said the moving process started Monday.

Staff will be moved from the high school to the new building at 21 Progress Parkway in the industrial park. A total of nine offices will be relocated.

Weinhold said the goal is to have everyone at the new building by the end of the week. When the move is completed, the new district headquarters will house the administration, maintenance, technology and food service staffs.

“It’s going to be a great situation having everyone under the same roof,” Weinhold said.

The new building was purchased earlier this year. The former site of ADB Companies Inc. was transformed over the summer in order to better suit the needs of the school district.

The district initially had planned to build a 9,000-square-foot maintenance facility near Clark-Vitt Elementary, but scrapped those plans to buy ADB’s building.

Site work for constructing a new facility was estimated to cost around $1.9 million. So instead, the district opted to spend $1.5 million to purchase the 22,000-square-foot building at 21 Progress Parkway. The district paid Integra Construction Inc., St. Charles, an additional $297,700 to renovate the facility.

At the time of the purchase, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Mike Mabe said it was an “amazing opportunity” for the district to be able to purchase the facility. Mabe raved about the amount of space and how the district could utilize all of the extra room.

The building has more than 20 offices — plenty of space for all the various department employees to have their own office, Mabe said. As part of the sale, the district kept furniture and amenities. Several large TV monitors are spread throughout the building.

The new facility also has multiple meeting spaces. The Board of Education is set to have a special meeting Wednesday in one of the conference rooms. The meeting will start at 6 p.m.

Eventually, all future board meetings will be held at the facility when the board room is ready.

Weinhold said the building is still has items stored there from Beaufort Elementary that were moved out during its renovation project.

Crews spent the summer renovating the building to suit the district’s needs. Part of the renovation included the addition of a new refrigerator/freezer for the food services department. Other work included organizing and setting up the workspace.

Mabe said the goal of the maintenance facility is to have everything on pallets. The plan is to build up and use forklifts to move things around easier.

Since the district bought the building, the plan was to move the administration staff at the high school staff out to the building this fall. Weinhold said the district’s maintenance staff had a very busy summer and the goal was to wait for things to quiet down a bit for them to move the administrative staff.

Weinhold said he’s looking forward to the move, but will miss being around the high school students on a regular basis.

With the staff leaving, Weinhold said the old offices will have a new use. He said the space will be used for storage, a locker room for sports officials and offices for outside resources who need space.