There was a point last week where it looked like snow was coming on Halloween.

Part of me, that part that is mostly human and good, was horrified by the thought. Snow? In October? That’s the hardest of hard passes.

It snowed last year the week before Thanksgiving and that was too early. We just got fall-like weather and I’m not ready for Mother Nature to fast-forward into winter.

The other part of me felt a little bit of joy. As much as I don’t want snow, there is something funny about an awful Halloween night.

This isn’t because I dislike Halloween, although it is hands down my least favorite holiday, I just think a cold holiday is hilarious. Mostly because it reminds me of so many from my childhood.

Seemingly every year I never got to go out trick-or-treating in my actual costume. I wasn’t a clown, but instead I was a clown with a coat and gloves.

I distinctly remember one year being a baseball player and having to be so bundled up I just looked like a kid in a hat. It’s a look I wear to this day, but it’s not really a costume.

Halloween in Missouri means it’s going to be cold. It means you’re going to have to fight with your mom about wearing a coat and always losing said fight.

Adding snow boots to the equation is just a whole different level. I can just imagine the fight with my mom over my desire to wear my cool baseball shoes and her defiantly telling me to go put on my boots.

I want the current generation of kids to have that experience. It makes memories that will last a lifetime.

While I was thinking about this, I had a moment where I wondered if this would actually end up mattering. When the snow was in the forecast, I thought that it might impact trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood. Then I remembered, we don’t have any.

For three years now, I have yet to see a single soul going door to door in my neighborhood. When I first moved in, I bought candy thinking the number of houses meant I’d get a bunch of kids. None showed.

A friend of mine moved to a new neighborhood a few years ago. He also expected a bunch of kids, but instead was left with a bowl full of candy.

It was at this point where I wondered if I’m simply old. Does trick-or-treating exist? I know kids still go out for candy, but I wonder if they still go door to door.

I spent Friday evening in the park for Boo Bash. It was flooded with costumed kids. The weather wasn’t nearly as miserable as it was Saturday so the coats were few and far between. Part of the event was the trunk-or-treat. These weren’t around when I was a kid, or at least they weren’t that popular.

Growing up, my neighborhood was filled with kids. My friends who didn’t live in neighborhoods simply traveled to different subdivisions to get their candy fix.

With the rise of trunk-or-treats that take place well before Halloween, I wonder how much Halloween night activity there is these days.

The good news is, for those that do venture out on Halloween night, the forecast seems to be improving. It’s still going to be cold, but at least you won’t have to worry about snow. Wearing a coat isn’t that bad.