Merlene Gilb and Christina Emory celebrate

Sisters Merlene Gilb, left, and Christina Emory, center, erupt in jubilation with other people at the Blue Duck in Maplewood Sept. 13, 2021, while watching the finale of "Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns". The sisters had come to The Blue Duck for each watch party during the last season of the show. Trenton Garvey, executive chef at the restaurant, was the winner of the competition.

The 20th season of “Hell’s Kitchen” finished with a bang Monday night, and a Union man is walking away with the top prize.

Trenton Garvey, 26, was named the winner of the “Young Guns” season, earning a $250,000 prize and the job of head chef at the Gordon Ramsay Steak Las Vegas restaurant. He will also continue to be mentored by the famed chef Gordon Ramsay.

Garvey took the lead early in Monday’s two-part finale, scoring 48/50 points in the final three cooking challenge and advancing first to the two-team finale.

The two episodes aired back-to-back on Fox.

Among those cheering on Garvey’s win were the staff and patrons of Blue Duck restaurant in Maplewood, where Garvey has worked for five years.

When he was revealed as the winner, the crowded restaurant erupted in cheers and claps.

Find more reactions from the watch party, including from Garvey’s boss and the friend who helped him with his Hell’s Kitchen audition, in Wednesday’s print issue of The Missourian.