New Union R-XI Boundaries

Blue is Beaufort, pink is Central and yellow is Prairie Dell. 

Students in the Union R-XI School District will be experiencing some changes for the 2020-21 school year.

The district recently announced its new boundaries for elementary schools that will go into effect starting with the 2020-21 year. The boundaries were approved by the board of education last month.

The redistricting goes back to five years ago, when modular units were put at Central Elementary due to overcrowding, Superintendent Dr. Steve Weinhold said. 

“One of my first tasks when I got hired was to address the overcrowding and get rid of modular units,” Weinhold said. “We came up with a plan to build Prairie Dell Elementary and reorganize the schools.”

Weinhold added when the district was divided up the idea was to make Central Elementary School’s attendance smaller, which is one of the more highly populated areas in the district because it is in the city proper.

“The Beaufort boundary was moved east toward the city,” Weinhold explained. “For Prairie Dell Elementary we (the district) had to go across the river from 47 north up by Pasta House and incorporate Old County Farm Road, Highway V and Independence in order to get the Central Elementary smaller.”

Beaufort, Central and Prairie Dell elementary schools will have grades prekindergarten through fifth grade. Union Middle School will now have sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students after an addition is finished this summer. 

The high school grades will remain the same.

“As a result, this will create less transition for a child in a district,” Weinhold explained. “They will only make a transition twice as opposed to three times.”

Previously students who attended Central Elementary would go to Clark-Vitt Elementary then to the middle school before moving onto high school. Clark-Vitt will be shut down at the end of the current school year. 

The building was recently sold to the Franklin County Children and Families Community Resource Board, which plans to renovate the old Clark-Vitt School. The new facility will become a children and family community resource center.

Weinhold added that, with the decrease in number of transitions and students spending a longer span of time in a school building, it will give them an ability to have a better relationship with the school staff in it.

The process for an intradistrict transfer will be available soon to parents who want to be considered for attendance in a school other than the school in their boundary, according to Weinhold. 

He added that those who choose an intradistrict transfer will be responsible for the students transportation to and from school.

After the intradistrict transfer process has been completed, the district will review the number of students in attendance at each school and will then assign teachers based on the students’ needs. Other things, like bus routes, are still being worked out.

For more information on the district or its boundaries, visit or its Facebook page Union R-XI School District.