UDC property

The Union Development Corp. (UDC) is surveying the last large site in its Union Corporate Center industrial park.

Beaufort-based Fleming Enterprise removed trees at the 37-acre site and is doing grading work to create 25 usable acres for industrial development, allowing UDC to apply for certified site status with the Missouri Department of Economic Development.

The state is requesting the 25 available acres be surveyed to verify that UDC has the acreage at the site on Corporate Drive, Assistant City Administrator James Schmieder told UDC’s board at its July 8 meeting. Schmieder said they are not planning to survey the entire site because it still has trees and wetlands.

UDC also approved a bid with Union-based Cochran Engineering to complete the survey of the site, as well as a soil sample. The boundary survey will cost $1,800; the soil study will cost $2,500.

The studies bring the total cost of the clearing project to $29,300. UDC is eligible to apply to be reimbursed for up to $15,000, or half of expenses up to $30,000, as part of a grant from Ameren Missouri, but it plans to go ahead and apply for $14,650 from Ameren, half of what it has spent, so far.

Although UDC is a little shy of the maximum it can get from Ameren, Schmieder said he would rather get the grant now.

SCI Engineering bid for the soil survey only at $4,250.

UDC applied for the site, the last large industrial site remaining in the corporate center, to become certified with the state in 2019 but was rejected because too much of it was wooded.

Schmieder said officials expected the clearing project would start in September 2020 and take about two weeks, but it has gone more slowly than that with weather issues making it difficult to burn brush at times.

The 37-acre site is on the northeast side of the industrial park. UDC also is seeking approval to rezone 49.77 acres on the park’s west side to allow it to expand in the future.