Union’s new regulations on mobile concessions were pushed back so officials can get a chance to review a “fact sheet” on food truck safety.

City Engineer Jonathan Zimmermann presented planning and zoning commissioners with the information from the National Fire Protection Association at their Monday, Feb. 24 meeting. Zimmermann said he initially planned to present an ordinance to vote on at the meeting, but thought commissioners should see the safety suggestions first.

The safety list was submitted to the city by an area fire department official who read about Union’s mobile concessions discussions.

“What I would probably do is reference this in the ordinance, that we meet all the standards (from the fire protection association),” Zimmermann said.

The checklist includes suggestions like requiring food trucks to obtain licenses from local authorities, making sure they are at least 10 feet from structures and that no public seating is within the truck. Other suggested rules include requiring that refuelling only happens during non-operating hours, that shutoff valves on gas containers are readily accessible and that hot cooking equipment is always attended.

To see the full food truck safety fact sheet, visit bit.ly/32xnS3X.

In September, the planning and zoning commission requested a look at how other communities handle regulation of mobile concession units before an ordinance was drafted.

Some possible regulations that planning and zoning commissioners previously discussed included prohibiting food trucks that aren’t part of the event from operating within 1,000 feet of city parks while certain events like the Fourth of July celebration at Veterans Memorial Park and Founders Day were taking place.

Also discussed was a proposed restriction on food trucks being located on gravel surfaces, with the reasoning that businesses are required to have paved parking lots, so food trucks should too.

The discussion on food trucks started after concerns were raised over ice cream trucks in the parks system, and that evolved into a discussion over how to handle mobile concessions in general.