Police Car Lights

A St. Clair woman died Monday as a result of injuries she sustained after being attacked by three dogs, according to Franklin County Sheriff Steve Pelton. 

Pelton said dispatchers received a call shortly after 5 p.m. Monday, Dec. 6, about a woman’s body being found in the 2400 block of Highway TT near St. Clair. Deputies arrived on scene and found the woman’s body. 

Officers learned in the course of the investigation that the woman had been visiting a relative’s home, according to a press release. “As she approached the house, she was attacked by the dogs that were on the property,” Pelton said in a press release. “During the attack, the victim received a fatal injury from the dogs and succumbed to her injuries.”

The specific time at which the attack occurred remains under investigation, Pelton said.

The woman, who police later identified as Leann Gratzer, 61, of St. Clair, was a neighbor and relative of the dogs’ owner. The dogs and the victim were reportedly familiar with one another and hadn’t had any issues in the past. Gratzer’s body has been transported to the regional medical examiner’s office for further investigation. The three dogs have been turned over to the sheriff’s department. Two of the dogs have been identified as pit bulls, and the third has been identified to be a mixed breed.