A St. Clair man is facing criminal charges after authorities say he violated a restraining order filed against him by showing up at a woman’s home, according to court records. 

Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney Matthew Becker filed first-degree stalking charges against Ryan C. Hoofman, 36, on Monday after Hoofman went to the woman’s house on Aug. 8 and 9. Due to the nature of the crime, the woman is not identified in court records. 

Hoofman, who had received a copy of the restraining order on Aug. 6, allegedly would come to the woman’s home and refuse to leave. 

Hoofman, who is being held in the Franklin County Jail, was taken into custody on Aug. 10. His bond has been set at $15,000 cash only. 

If convicted, Hoofman could be sentenced to up to four years in the Missouri Department of Corrections or serve a year in the county jail. He could also be ordered to pay up to $10,000 in fines.