Sixty members of the St. Clair High School band will be boarding a bus bound for Florida next week, the start of a six-day trip that includes time in a Disney World recording studio with professional Disney musicians.

When the group arrives in Orlando, Director Tim Karth said, students will have an opportunity to have a conversation with Disney composers and musicians about their experience in the profession.

Later, the band is challenged with sight-reading — playing a score without having seen the music before — a song from one of the media empire’s animated movies. In the past, Karth said compositions have been from “The Lion King,” “Aladdin” and “The Jungle Book.”

When they have practiced the piece a bit, the group will be recorded and their recording will be saved over the corresponding scene in the movie. Karth said he’ll be sent home with a copy of the scene for a keepsake.

Additionally, the marching Bulldogs will perform in a parade at Magic Kingdom.

This is Karth’s fourth time making the trip with St. Clair R-XIII and Karth said he is excited that nearly the entire band is making the trek this year. To make it possible, Karth and the band raised more than $7,000 at its annual sausage sale and its “plop and drop” fundraiser, similar to “bovine bingo,” in which a field is numbered and participants pledge money to predict where a cow will defecate. 

Not all of the band’s time will be spent at Walt’s kingdom in Orlando. Karth said there would be a day designated for time on the beach. He said that on every trip a St. Clair band has gone on, there have been kids who have never left Missouri, let alone seen the ocean. 

“Every time we go on this trip, I kind of get to see Disney a new way through the eyes of somebody who’s never been there before,” Karth said. “It’s really something special.”