Shelbert Grant

Robertsville-area resident Shelbert Gant, 63, was last seen on April 14. Officials are urging the members of the public who know anything about his whereabouts or who may have seen him walking away from his home to come forward. 

Area law enforcement agencies are asking for help in tracking down a man who has not been seen or heard from in over a week. 

According to Franklin County Sheriff Steve Pelton, Shelbert Gant, 63, of Robertsville, was last seen outside his home in the 1800 block of Drake Lane in rural Franklin County during the morning of Wednesday, April 14. When family members came to visit Gant later that afternoon, they discovered that his home was unlocked. They also found several personal items were left on the kitchen table, including his vehicle keys. Also left in the home were his medication, phone and wallet.

Family members did not report anything to be missing from the home or anything suspicious at the scene. 

His whereabouts and direction of travel are unknown at this time.

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office personnel searched the area, including the woods near Gant's home, on Wednesday, April 21. The search did not locate Gant or any evidence to his disappearance. 

At this time, the family does not expect any foul play and possibly believes that he either walked away from his residence or obtained a ride from someone. 

"We are hoping that he left with a buddy, and that's the best case scenario," Pelton said. 

News of Gant's disappearance was first released on April 16, and since that time Pelton said they have not received any information about his whereabouts other than he was seen earlier in the day on April 14. 

"The road where he lives is not a well traveled road," Pelton said. He said he doesn't believe Gant has a history of leaving his home for an extended period of time. He said he also doesn't believe that Gant suffers from memory loss. 

Anyone with information about Gant's whereabouts or who may have seen him walking in the Robertsville area is asked to contact Lt. Pieske at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office at 636-583-2560.