Monday night’s board of aldermen meeting saw the passing of three ordinances and a resolution.

The ordinances and the resolution passed are as follows:

• Ordinance 2006 -— An ordinance levying annual taxes for the year 2020.

The annual tax rate levy is to be set each year before Sept. 1. Currently, the total tax rate for the general fund and park maintenance purposes is 0.7213 cents per $100 of assessment, and will be increasing to 0.7225 cents per $100, making the total increase .0012 cents.

The ordinance was passed unanimously.

• Ordinance 2007 -— An ordinance authorizing the administration of the city of St. Clair to execute purchasing and financing documents for playground equipment and flooring for a total amount of $84,905.93.

The ordinance was passed unanimously.

• Ordinance 2008 — An ordinance approving an amendment to the Conditional Use Permit for Terry Boland for property located at the southwest corner of East North Street and Commercial Avenue, to not require fencing along the back of the property.

Previously, Boland brought the issue before the planning and zoning board, which voted to approve the request last week.

“In planning and zoning, as Mr. Boland knows, I was against him removing the fence from the back,” said Alderman Art Viehland, adding that since Boland agreed to the fence initially, he believes it still needs to be there.

The aldermen were split on the decision, with Aldermen Viehland and Cherie Counts voting no, and Aldermen Jamie Frossard and Amanda Sikes voting yes. Therefore, Mayor Ron Blum was the deciding vote.

“I totally understand Mr. Boland’s request and I understand the conditional use,” Blum said. “It has been my sole purpose as mayor of this community to have the boards and have them give their input and their decisions and pass them along to the board of aldermen and the administrations. I rely on their interest, concerns and their decisions, so I think it would be improper to go against their determination because they are a separate board and I respect their decisions,” he said, voting yes.

• Resolution 2020-05 — A resolution approving a site plan for Bill Gratzer to construct a 6,400-square-foot addition at Midwest Enterprises at 2 Wagner Industrial Drive for Ealer Properties.

The resolution was approved unanimously.

Unfinished Business

During the unfinished business portion of the meeting, Dierker addressed the progress of the community block development grant (CDBG) project, which will see repairs be made to Orchard Drive, Hibbard Street, Ridge Avenue and the northwest side of Kitchell Avenue.

Hibbard Street and part of Ridge Avenue, Dierker said, are currently in the state of being a gravel road, because they have been torn up and mixed with rock and compaction has began.

Dierker said that the city is about one-fourth of the way finished with the project, and weather permitting, all four of the streets should be completed within the next month or month and a half.

Dierker also said that if any road closures are to happen, residents will be made aware.

Also during unfinished business, Dierker recommended the hiring of Charles Rudloff as full-time parks supervisor.

“He has some experience with some maintenance in a couple different capacities, is a former veteran and is very much interested in seeking this position,” Dierker said.

The board approved hiring Rudloff.