The St. Clair Parks Department is inviting community organizations to a round table meeting set for Thursday, Jan. 27, at 6:30 p.m.

The round table will take place after park board’s regular meeting at city hall. Park Board President Dana Collins-Messex said the reason for the round table meeting is to develop a community calendar that includes events put on by the city and local organizations.

“We want to hear ideas and work together on event dates and types of events coming up, and network together on how we can provide an optimal benefit for the community we serve,” she said.

“Funding and manpower are some things that often come up that hinders the ability to provide certain events, so maybe if there is a collaboration and partnership with some of the bigger scaled activities the community wants to see happen could be achieved.”

Additional goals of the round table meeting is to open the line of communication between organizations and help groups get a head start on fulfilling its mission statements for the upcoming year, according to Collins-Messex.

Information will be provided for individuals who would like to learn how they can get involved with activities and events.

“The park board is strong, passionate and excited about the future of our community, just like the other leaders of these organizations and individuals who want to help,” Collins-Messex said.

She added that the parks department’s goal is to develop a plan for community members and organizers to collaborate and partner on large scale events.

“One challenge that we face is educating residents on the different organizations. Each organization has its own mission and goals,” Collins-Messex said.

“Teamwork always makes the dream work.”

For more information, contact city hall at 636-629-0333. City hall is located at 1 Paul Parks Drive.