At Wednesday night’s meeting, the St. Clair School Board unanimously approved the implementation of Hazel Telehealth, a program that will allow students who are sick to visit a doctor virtually via an iPad in the nurse’s office.

Assistant Superintendent Nadine Aitch said she believes the district will be the first in the state to implement the service.

“I’m really excited because I do think that this is the year to do it,” Aitch said, adding that if the district has students who are not feeling well, and if their parents give permission, it will enable students to see a doctor right away.

The program is available at no cost to the district, she said.

Hazel will provide all of the iPads for the nurse’s offices, as well as a nursing cart for the district to use for the company’s medical equipment. 

Parents will have to sign a consent form at the beginning of the school year, but Aitch said the plan is to notify parents before utilizing the service.

Students who are eligible for free and reduced lunch will be able to see a doctor for free, Aitch said. The maximum amount other families may be charged is $45. Hazel will submit all claims to the families’ insurance companies.

The district’s nurses will be trained next week, but the program will not begin until Oct. 1.

“Again, it is new in Missouri, so we have to wait for some of the doctors who are in this program to have their medical approval through the state of Missouri,” Aitch said.