At Monday night’s tax rate hearing, Lonedell R-XIV District Superintendent Jenny Ulrich recommended to the board to set the tax levy for the 2020-21 school year at the same rate as the 2019-20 school year.

“This is the year we can roll our levy up and we have the ability to do that without the vote of the people, however, we did just pass a no-tax increase bond issue,” Ulrich said.

The current tax rate for the district is set at 3.4899 cents per $100 of assessed property taxes for the incidental fund, with debt services set at .4205 cents, which resulted in a combined total of $1,608,093 collected for the previous school year.

With the same rate set for the upcoming year, officials project to see a total of $1,635,858 collected, due to an increase in real estate and personal property in the Lonedell area.

Ulrich said for the board’s knowledge, that the district had the opportunity to roll up the rate to 3.9016 cents for incidental, with debt services set at .42 cents for a total of 4.3221 cents, which would bring in an additional $197,000 for the district, but she still recommended to keep the levy the same.

The board voted to approve Ulrich’s recommendation.