Lonedell School District

The Lonedell R-XIV School Board met Monday, July 27, and approved the district’s guidelines and protocols regarding returning to school for the 2020-21 school year.

The six-page plan highlights protocols and guidelines district staff and students will be expected to follow, including plans for transportation.

The plan calls for staff to wear masks on campus any time they are within 6 feet of students or other staff.

Masks for students will be optional. Homemade masks are acceptable, but they must meet school dress code guidelines. Masks must be kept in sanitary condition, and students may not share masks or provide masks to other students.

Students will be guided to wash hands and use hand sanitizer multiple times a day. Sanitizer dispensers will be mounted in every room and in multiple locations throughout the hallways and common areas.

Drinking fountains have been replaced with bottle filling stations throughout the building, and students will be asked to bring a personal plastic or metal water bottle from home.

Social distancing will be practiced, and children will be encouraged to cover their coughs and sneezes with a tissue or the inside of their elbows. Tissues must be thrown away immediately, and hands must be washed for at least 20 seconds after.

Student athletics will be conducted as usual to the extent advised under local, state and federal guidance.

Remote learning opportunities will be made available for any child who is interested in an educational experience that is off-campus.

Faculty and staff with diagnosed medical conditions related to COVID-19 susceptibility will be provided accommodations as appropriate and practical.

Staff members will be trained to recognize symptoms that may be associated with COVID-19, and staff and students will be asked to self-screen for potential symptoms before reporting to school. Anyone exhibiting any symptoms or illness should stay home.

Staff or students who have had close contact with anyone diagnosed with the virus should stay home and monitor their health.

If the school is notified of a positive case that has attended school while symptomatic, the district will contact the parents and guardians of those children who were within 6 feet or more for at least 15 minutes, using seating charts as a guide. 

Relaxed attendance policies will be in place for students in order to accommodate the need to stay home if feeling under the weather in any way or if staff or students should become quarantined.

Students who are at school and display symptoms that may suggest concerns will be checked by the nurse. If the nurse suspects COVID-19 as a possibility, the student will be placed in a separate room and masked until picked up by their parents.

Those who have been ill or quarantined may return to school in accordance with guidelines provided by the health department.  

According to the document, parent/guardian transport is being encouraged at this time, due to the inability to social distance on a school bus. Bus drivers will be given the option of wearing a face covering, face shield, or neck gaiter while students are loading and unloading.

Masking for all children will be highly encouraged, but any child who is coughing or sneezing will be required to wear a mask.

Seating will be assigned by pickup schedule, with those who are picked up first in the back of the bus. Siblings will be seated together.

“Assigned seating helps with contact tracing efforts, if need be. It also allows for the driver to create a layout on the bus that limits students from passing one another in the aisle,” the document states.

Buses will be sanitized after every route, and will be aired out daily.

Once students arrive at school, there will be a procedure in place for loading and unloading buses to limit students standing in line within close proximity to one another.

Students with diagnosed medical conditions that are related to virus susceptibility will be provided other transportation accommodations as appropriate.

Upon arrival to school, students will report directly to their classrooms, where breakfast will be served.

During the school day,  kindergarten through fifth-grade students will remain with their own class.

Students will be seated at individual desks that are facing the same direction, to avoid face-to-face contact. Desks will be spaced apart as much as possible, with a goal of at least 6 feet apart.

Art classes will be held in the regular classroom, while music and band classes will take place in the old gym in order to better space students apart.

Gym classes will utilize social distancing measures and students will not dress out.

The number of students on the playground at a time will be limited.

Sharing of supplies will not be permitted, and equipment that is shared will be sanitized between uses.

Frequent cleaning and disinfection of commonly touched surfaces will take place throughout the day.

Lunch shifts will be scheduled as to allow use of one side of the table only, and markers will be placed on the floor to help assist with social distancing in the lunch line. All lunches will be plated with no self-serve options available. Food sharing will not be permitted. Tables and surfaces in the lunchroom/kitchen will be cleaned and sanitized between shifts.

If stricter guidelines are needed in the future, eating lunch in the classroom will be considered.

There will be no field trips, assemblies or visitors.

Parents and guardians will not be allowed to visit the building. The school has a sliding window in its vestibule that will allow business to be conducted with the office in a safe environment.

There will be a limit of one family in the vestibule at a time.