A Franklin County man has been remanded into the custody of the Missouri Department of Health, according to court officials. 

This comes after a Franklin County judge in May ordered a mental health screening for the man, Douglas McCammon, 32, who is accused of raping a woman in May 2019 while she was asleep in her home on Washington’s north side. 

Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney Matthew Becker declined to comment on the case. 

McCammon’s case is temporarily suspended, according to electronic court records. 

In court documents, police said the unidentified woman invited McCammon into her home to take a shower because he was “homeless and had poor hygiene.”

Police said McCammon and the woman knew each other through work. 

While McCammon was showering, the woman reportedly fell asleep on her bed and awoke to find McCammon on top of her. He then grabbed her and raped her, according to police.  

McCammon later told police in an interview that he thought the woman was “sleep role-playing,” though he also told police that neither he nor the woman had ever talked about role-playing prior to him showering or coming into the home.