City of Union -- stock

In the three contested races for city of Union offices all the winners won seats in first election. 

In the unofficial results released by Franklin County Tuesday night the winners in Union were Rod Tappe, mayor; Brian Pickard, Ward 1 alderman; and Bob Marquart, Ward 2 alderman. 

In uncontested races A. David Arand, municipal judge; Dennis Soetebier, Ward 3; and Karen Erwin, Ward 4, also were reelected. 

Tappe, a retired Union police officer, defeated longtime mayor Mike Livengood and Lucas Johnson, another first time candidate.

Pickard defeated Jim Albrect, another long-serving board member. Marquart beat out Terry Copeland. Marquart was the incumbent in the race, but this was his first election after being appointed to the board last summer. 

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