City of Washington Sign

Five city of Washington officials will be sworn in later this month following Tuesday’s municipal election.

All five incumbents ran unopposed were named the winner after the polls closed Tuesday.

Mark Piontek, city attorney, and council members Steve Sullentrup, Ward 1; Mark Hidritch, Ward 2; Greg Skornia, Ward 3; and Gretchen Pettet, Ward 4, were the only candidates for the city of Washington.

Piontek, the only citywide candidate, received 471 votes against 6 write-in votes.

Sulluntrup picked up 82 votes in his ward while there were 7 write-in votes. Hidritch had 125 votes against 1 write-in vote.

The Ward 3 election had Skornia receiving 114 votes while two people cast write-in votes.

Pettet received 132 votes in the Ward 4 election against four write-in votes.

Missouri has strict rules regarding write-in qualifications. In all five races there was not a valid write-in candidate.

The municipal election was originally set for April 7. The state moved the date to June 2 citing efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The winners are expected to be sworn in during the June 15 city council meeting.

All of the city seats up for election are for two-year terms. The terms will expire in April 2022.

Piontek was first elected city attorney in 1988.

Sullentrup and Hidritch have served on the council since 2010. Skornia was elected in 2013 to fill an unexpired term. Pettet was first elected in 2018.