An Officer Puts Up Caution Tape

A Washington police officers puts caution tape around a home on the 800 block of Louis Street in Washington Saturday, Jan. 9. 

The investigation into the deaths of two Washington residents who died in January on Louis Street is ongoing but has reached a standstill, according to Washington Police Department Detective Sgt. Steve Sitzes. 

“We are still investigating it as a murder-suicide. We are just waiting on a forensics report from the medical examiner about the cause of death for the second party,” said Sitzes, who is the department’s public information officer. 

In January, officers were dispatched to the 800 block of Louis Street after receiving a call from an unidentified individual who reported finding a woman, later identified as Carey A. Boyster, 36, in a driveway. 

The Franklin County SWAT team was deployed as a precaution. Found in the home was the body of 32-year-old Danny L. Peroutka and Peroutka and Boyster’s then-13-month-old child, who was unharmed. 

The department is waiting to receive a report from the St. Louis County medical examiner, who the municipal police department contracts with for forensic and pathology investigations. 

“The first report came about three weeks ago. This second report should be here sometime soon,” Sitzes said. 

Once they get the second report, Sitzes said the department will likely close the investigation. “We have had some preliminary talks with the medical examiner, and right now we are all on the same page.”