Jacqueline Harris opens Washington Peace of Mind

Washington Peace of Mind Co-owner Jacqueline Harris, right, stands among merchandise in her shop June 14 with JaColbi Wheeler, manager at the Salem Peace of Mind location. Harris plans to open her store Friday, and Wheeler was there helping with inventory.

Following the introduction of medical marijuana dispensaries in Franklin County, smoke shop and boutique Peace of Mind opened in Washington on Tuesday, with another location set to launch in the next 90 days in Pacific.

“We’re in the middle of the green wave,” Peace of Mind Productions President Scott Micke, 45, said. “The entire approach to cannabis and CBD and that type of stuff, the attitude’s changing. ... It’s starting to be seen as the medicine that it truly is.”

The Washington Peace of Mind is the third location to open in the past month and a half, and seven more are scheduled around Missouri within the next 90 days. Micke and his family opened the first store in Sullivan in 2015 — since then, nine total have opened around the state, and the Pacific location will mark three in the area. 

“Once they passed the legalization, I started noticing that people needed to get the message,” said Micke, who lives in Sullivan and has been a county resident for over 20 years. “That’s what’s really encouraging me to grow — it’s to be able to educate people, especially in the rural communities.” 

At 11 W. Main St. in Washington, Peace of Mind sells graphic attire and home goods as well as CBD, indoor plant growing and medical marijuana equipment, store co-owner Jacqueline Harris said. She is currently ordering a kiosk that connects customers to a St. Louis-based Midwest GreenCert doctor, who can provide them with a recommendation for a medical marijuana card or cultivator and caretaker license following a $150 consultation.

So far, Peace of Minds around the state have helped certify 20,000 patients for medical marijuana cards, Micke said. 

Harris said she opened the shop because “one, the dispensary was here, and two, it just seemed like a great town that needed a Peace of Mind.”

Washington’s Missouri Health & Wellness Medical Marijuana Dispensary opened in November, and St. Clair’s Taste Buds Dispensary opened in February.

Micke said his sales have stayed “steady” throughout the pandemic.

Harris co-owns the Washington Peace of Mind with her brother, Steve Wheeler, she said. She worked as a floor employee for the Peace of Mind in Rolla before transitioning to store owner in Washington. She is leasing the 1,700-square-foot space from Ken and Tim Eagan and funded the store’s opening with personal savings. She did not disclose the start-up price.

Salem Peace of Mind Manager JaColbi Wheeler helped Harris set up the store Monday morning, and she said about one person gets certified for medical marijuana use each day at her location.

The store can be reached through Facebook or 636-432-1084. Harris is the only employee. 

As she lit some incense by the entrance, she said the store will be open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week. 

“There’s a little something for everyone,” she said.